About Almarie
With over 12 years of experience in health, spa and wellness industry, Almarie effortlessly integrates holistic modalities in her hands-on training creating unique protocols using kinesiology, crystal therapy, energy healing, acupressure, vibrational sound, meditation, mindfulness as well as neuro-integration techniques.

It is Almarie’s true passion and life purpose is to bring people closer to their authentic self through her extensive knowledge of holistic health and wellness, the gift of a creative mind, healing hands, teaching and compassionate focus on personal development.  
Visiting Practitioner for
Spas, Corporate & Individual

  • Kinesiology
  • Neuro-Integration & Brain Gym®
  • Vibrational Sound relaxation & healing
  • Kids wellness programs for schools, after-care facilities, NGO’s or youth initiatives.
  • Health and wellness programs for businesses & Individuals
  • Mindfulness in the workplace & for individuals.
Contact Details
T · (+27)82 924 6314
E · u@almarieventer.co.za

Integrative Holistic Health and Wellness for Spas, Corporate, Individuals & Families
Almarie Venter is an internationally certified Kinesiologist, Brain Gym ® Practitioner and Holistic Consultant for Spas. 
Holistic Consultant for Spa, Wellness & Nutrition
  • Unique designs: Bespoke concepts & treatment design for product houses, spas & salons
  • Unique Training
Courses & Workshops
  • Brain Gym® Neuro - Integration Movement
  • Brain Gym® 101
  • Create bespoke treatments & experiences with the muscle response technique.
  • The mindful therapist – be unique – be extra ordinary
  • Wellness programs for kids – spa & resort offering
  • Stress free family
  • Childrens massage